When to get help from others

No matter how smart you are, you might still need an impartial and rational perspective especially in times of uncertainty and conflict. If you were to have a special lantern, you would see better in cloudy and foggy weather. Some people, however, never ask for help and they even haughtily reject offers of help.

The answer to the question “When should I seek help from others?” is most important when much uncertainty prevails in our life.
When considering the impartiality of the helper’s approach, it might be an advantage for us to feel that the helping person has no relationship with us based on self-interest and is outside the conflict that we are experiencing. We can divide the approach of those willing to help us into two categories: Those who say you can do it and those who say you can’t do it.
Those who tell you that you can do it can be divided into two sub-categories: Those who just say you can do it but offer no feasible model, and those who say that you can and what steps you should follow in order to succeed. On the other hand, those who say you can’t do it can be put into two categories as well: those who just say you can’t do it and those who say it is not possible at the moment but tell how to change that and what to do.
Out of these four groups, three of them are valuable:
Those who just say you can do it
Those who say you can do it and tell what method to use in order to succeed
Those who say it is not possible currently, but then tell how you can do it
These three approaches will enable us to make progress. The last two, on the other hand, will lead us to succeed with some help. Therefore, encountering the last two will help us in illuminating the road before and come up with original ideas and solutions.
The wind won’t help you if you lower your sails.
One should confront himself/herself and face reality. When an expert or a professional tells you that you are doing the wrong thing and emphasizes your shortcomings when it comes to a certain issue, you need to keep your ears open by putting aside your haughtiness, pride and ideas about your own power.
Considering these examples, I believe it is better to pay attention and take heed of the people who try to show us the right way and true path by helping and enlightening us rather than stubbornly following our own path and crashing.

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