The Little Red Riding Hood / Charles Perrault

lred-riding-hood-crane-enThe Little Red Riding Hood is an interesting material to have some inspiration on various of aspects of management.

The wolf is the protagonist of the story in my opinion. The wolf resembles of an effective manager.

First he has a clear vision: “Eat as much as you can and survive.”

He is excellent at intelligence management. While he is among the woods, he notices the woodcutters and accesses them as a potential threat, and tries to stay away from them.

When the wolf meets the little girl, he can manage his desires and postpone them. Instead of eating girl in a moment, he uses the moment to collect information.

Being successful in one market is good, but being successful in two markets is better. So the wolf doesn’t use the first opportunity, but he makes an investment for the future.

The heroine in the story can be considered as a competitor. Little Red Riding Hood has limited ability to access the market and potential threats. So when she meets the wolf, she gives all the information that wolf needs. So in management keeping information secretly is important as collecting data. The wolf looks like professional in intelligence management.

The number one activity for effective management is questioning assumptions. Little Red Riding Hood never questions anything about the wolf. She has no doubt about life; she has an unquestioned optimistic view of life. In comparison, the effective manager creates an alternate view for her by using her assumptions. He looks friendly and trustworthy; then he drives her to a longer path. When two meet at grandma’s house, even there are two many signals that there is something wrong about grandma, Little Red Riding Hood can not interpret these signals in a meaningful way.

Successful companies and managers have a sense of urgency, they focus on the mission and try to reach this mission in a conscious way. The wolf focuses on reaching on grandmother’s house before the girl. He arrives house and eats grandmother or in other words; he gets the money of the first customer and waits for the second.

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