The Starbucks Generation

starbucksWith the entrance of Starbucks to our lives, I can say that young people’s social life has changed. Young people are now stuck with a new social life more than coffee. The new generation has made a quick transition from McDonald’s to Starbucks. Because they use Starbucks as a social space for chatting, reading, studying, and writing. Many writers with a young spirit prefer Starbucks to write their books.Starbucks and many cafe chains have noticed that the cafes have turned into a sort of office or study room; they put power outlets everywhere in the café for phones, tablets and computers.

The title of this short essay is Starbucks Generation. There are two groups of people in these cafes: Young customers and young people who serve the coffee. In the first part, I have written some about how young customers use these cafes. I think the second group of people is more important than the first group. Young baristas are the leaders of the future. I am eager to offer a job for people who have one year or more professional experience at Starbucks. Starbucks as a service organization has a culture of discipline. Employees learn to work in a punctual manner. They work with operational procedures. They perform their service as a team in the cafes. They help each other in brewing coffee, cleaning, and at money works. They have hundreds of customers in a day, and they have to improve themselves in managing the customer relationships. Without being customer focused, they can not satisfy the customers. There are plenty of things to do in a café, so they don’t have a single second to rest. So Starbucks Baristas become hardworking professionals in time.

Because of all mental activities like chatting, reading, studying, and writing Starbucks Generation of customers is developing themselves. Starbucks Generation of service employees turns into super-professionals who have a discipline, punctuality, problem-solving skills, and customer focus.


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