Melih Arat studied Russian Language and Literature at Istanbul University and received his MBA degree from Dokuz Eylul University. He continued his PhD study at the same university with a thesis about Entrepreneurial Mind. He completed a one-year long “Entrepreneurship” certificate program at NYU. Besides, he completed a Corporate Strategy Program at MIT. At Harvard University, he studied Leadership and Psychology courses

As an amateur mountaineer, he climbed Ararat Mountain for five times and Kaçkar Mountain for one time.

Since 1993, he has been a columnist for several national newpapers and magazines.

He delivered speeches at LSE, Toronto University, New York Public Library, and some other esteemed institutions. In 21st Century Education Forum at Harvard University he presented a paper “The Quest for Innovation in the Business Education”

Besides delivering conferences all around the world (UK, US, Canada, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Albania, etc.) as a visiting professor Melih Arat is doing a research about Humanist Capitalism at Laurier University in Canada.

He is the author of Extraordinary Life Skills and 12 other books in the field of business management and self -help.

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