Are you unemployed or is your company bankrupt?


im-possibleIn some of the letters I receive, people say they have been unemployed for a long time and they are looking for work. They ask my advice.

Personal crises are actually great opportunities. If you are unemployed, if your business went bankrupt, actually you have a blank paper in your hand. Most of the time, our dependency on our old life order makes us repeat what we used to do. In fact, what we have to do is to turn this personal crisis into an opportunity.

If you’re unemployed, try to start a business. It could be an online business. It could be a small cafe. It could be a tourism business. If you shut-down your business think about working professionally for sometime. Working for someone else can give you a chance to reconsider your business approach and your life.

In personal crises, people’s eyes and perceptions are more open. They start to see the opportunities around them. Instead of trying to recapitulate history, create a new and unprecedented future.


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