Gandhi / Richard Attenborough

ghandi-film-poster-2-2980Are leaders born or made? The life of Gandhi is an answer to the question. The leaders are made. The Gandhi was an ordinary lawyer at the beginning. But the incidents that he lived helped him to find his purpose of life. At the famous film of Richard Attenborough the first incident is the problem of travelling in the first class section as a colored man on a train in South Africa. When Gandhi experienced humiliation and discrimination in that train, he started to have a cause to fight.

There are many ways of fighting for a cause; violent way, democratic solutions, Byzantine games, and non-violent ways. Gandhi chose the non-violent way. Some of the sources claim that because he studied the philosophy of nonviolence, as expressed in the Bhagavad-Gita, Hindu sacred scripture, and in Jesus Christ’s Sermon on the Mount in the Christian Bible. Besides, he was small and a shy man who had no profile for a physical fight or encourage others for a physical fight. So his choice was shaped what he studied before and his physical characteristics. His struggle in South Africa had been a preparation and education for his future non-violent war in India. This little man was becoming a leader through the incidents and experiences in his life. If he would have stayed in London instead of going to South Africa, he would be an ordinary lawyer for the rest of his life. The story of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey is very similar. When he was in Military Academy, he read books about sovereignty and solidarity. He served in Ottoman Libya, Ottoman Syria and Ottoman Bulgaria and the characteristics of different nations before the War of Independence. He became a war hero in Gallipoli in the First World War. These experiences prepared him to become a nation wide leader in Turkey.

A leader is like a meal; there are natural ingredients needed and a certain way of cooking. Cooking sometimes includes high heat and sometimes waiting with patience. So the learning and experiences are like ingredients for meal and problems are the high heat that cooks a leader. In conclusion, we can say that the leaders are cooked or made.

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