Corona Virus: To die or not to die: that is the question

Mel Arat

City people generally do not think about death or remember much about it. They only remember death for a short time on the rare occasion when an acquaintance or neighbor dies, but people quickly forget during their daily lives. Only those who lost their loved ones have a little grasp of their mortality. The coronavirus created two major differences in our lives. Firstly, it has forced life to grind to a halt for city people. Secondly, the Corona Virus reminded people worldwide about their mortality and their fear of death.

The daily rush has a drug-like effect. It does not allow us to focus deeply on something. If you have a nice meal at a restaurant in the evening before you realize it, you will be on a subway or bus to go home. After completing a project at work, you will receive a new to-do list. In the evening, when you get home, you will notice the missing food in the fridge. When you go out to the market, you will get a notification reminding you of your bills. Without realizing what you’re doing, all the week goes by, and if someone asks, “How are you?” you will answer, “I don’t understand how the week has passed.” During this rush, it is nearly impossible to remember our mortality.

The television series “Dead Like Me” on Amazon Prime tells the story of an eighteen-year-old girl named Georgia who dies when a toilet seat from the de-orbiting Russian space station falls on top of her.  After her death, she is assigned as an angel of death. Her job becomes taking the souls of people whose time has come. The two-season drama offers interesting opportunities to question life and death. Georgia is not the only angel of death; there are others. One of them is a character named Betty. Betty takes Polaroid pictures of the people before she takes their souls. In the fifth episode of the series, she gives tens of thousands of photos to Georgia. Dozens of shopping bags full of pre-death pictures. I found this scene very dramatic. Everyone reading this article may consider themselves the center of the world, and maybe lost in their daily hustle and bustle without ever remembering that we will die one day. If we knew this series depicted reality, perhaps we would go into one of Betty’s polaroid photo bags one day, and this life we care so much about would end. Fortunately, Betty takes pictures of people whose souls she has taken; because if she doesn’t, there would be no one to remember them fifty years after their death.

We only judge what is right and what is wrong by time. Taking something that is not yours is stealing, but until one gets caught, the person who steals may think it was the right thing to do. For example, a few opportunists during the demonstrations after the death of George Floyd in America ransacked the shops and stole the goods. Sometime during protests, the cameras showed one who stole a big television screen in New York. This person may think that what he did was the right thing to do while watching the TV that he stole. However, two months later, when police identified the thief who stole the television from the camera footage and went to his house to arrest him, he realized he made a big mistake. A lot of stuff sound right in the short run but appear to be wrong in the long run.

Knowing the time of your death hugely impacts our decision making. In terms of our to-do lists, there is a big difference between dying the next day and fifty years later. In addition, the existence of a reward and punishment system changes the decisions we make. Remembering the concept of death with the coronavirus and this television series has led me to review most of my choices.

Whether we believe in the existence of heaven or hell, it will not change the result, just like how believing in gravity does not change the existence of gravity.

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Birthday and Gratitude


I recently celebrated another birthday. This one’s a little more special. I revised my life. Often from the daily hustle and bustle, we only live by thinking of current the period, recent times or near future. This short-term determines our happiness and unhappiness.
I have been thinking about what has happened since my birth on this birthday. Since it was my birthday, I focused on the positive things. I thanked God for all the good things that have happened in my life. It made me feel good. As I said, one forgets important things from the struggle for daily life.
Would recommend to all of you. Review things you should be thankful for in your own life since the day you were born.

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5 Steps of Success for Clever People

5 stepsWhat distinguishes successful people from people with high potential? Especially in the business world, there are many talented, educated and intelligent people among professional employees. However, many of them have limited success in their professional careers. Some of them retire one day, and some start a business. Setting up a company can be considered a success, but it may not always be a great success. We can talk about a few steps to turn your potential into success. Read more 5 Steps of Success for Clever People

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Is Netflix killing your creativity and imagination?


netflix addictionNetflix is our new addiction. People started to use the word Netflix when they want to refer to the television. Even Netflix is not alone in video streaming services among Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, and others; it represents all in daily conversations. People are spending hours on Netflix and other streamlining services by watching thousands of tv shows and movies. Netflix takes so much time and does not leave space for reading books, playing games, or other activities.

Since Netflix and other streaming services provide mostly fiction based shows and movies, there is no need for imagination. A scriptwriter and director bring their creativity to the screen and viewer only consumes that creativity. All effects, professional acting, video, and story editing leave no room for the imagination of the viewer. Everything is already on the screen. In contrast, while reading a story and novel, the narrative and the descriptions demand the imagination and visualization of the reader. The readers should create spaces, characters, and their actions in their mind throughout the reading process. That’s the reason why the readers of Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter hate the movies of these literary works because the films are entirely different than imaginative creations of the readers. Reading a book requires hard work to construct all the scenes and spaces in the mind, but it pays to the reader as a personalized and satisfactory experience. On the contrary, we can also claim that Netflix is increasing creativity and imagination. Each movie or show provides a lot of input to the minds of the viewer. All films, tv series, and documentaries may trigger some sort of creativity. The variety of ideas, creations, and productions on Netflix can quickly start a parallel creativity and coproduction process. Hasan Minhaj, Friends from College, Continuum, The 100, Mind Hunter, Silicon Valley, Startup, Night off, Mr. Selfridge, Brooklyn 99, Clone Wars, Last Week Tonight, Sorry to Bother You, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Beverly Hills 91210, and Entourage are a few examples that can induce your creativity. These works or similar works can make you think, imagine and create a desire to create something similar or dissimilar. The first paradox created by Netflix is while it provides a lot of input to be creative the addiction to watch it doesn’t allow to use the time to be creative. The second paradox is successful original works on Netflix feed the imagination but again since they answer all the questions they don’t give an opportunity to use the imagination. In conclusion, I can say that people who want to be creative use Netflix as an abundant resource but there is a great danger to remain just as a consumer while losing hundreds of hours.

Mel Arat

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Are you unemployed or is your company bankrupt?


im-possibleIn some of the letters I receive, people say they have been unemployed for a long time and they are looking for work. They ask my advice.

Personal crises are actually great opportunities. If you are unemployed, if your business went bankrupt, actually you have a blank paper in your hand. Most of the time, our dependency on our old life order makes us repeat what we used to do. In fact, what we have to do is to turn this personal crisis into an opportunity. Read more Are you unemployed or is your company bankrupt?

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21558966_1829462647070256_9200121175226046932_nPROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS FOR LIFE

This course, perfected over 20 years, provides a new mindset and practical tools to build an innovative, happy, and fulfilling life. The creativity techniques we will practice will improve your problem-solving skills and help you reach unique and innovative solutions relating to business, personal decisions, and even family life. We will use exercises, projects, and hands-on activities to practice the skills you need in order to develop your creative thinking. No matter your age or background, you will leave this class with a toolbox of new skills to help you solve problems and reach your goals in an extraordinary way.


Problem-Solving Skills for Life

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