5 Steps of Success for Clever People

5 stepsWhat distinguishes successful people from people with high potential? Especially in the business world, there are many talented, educated and intelligent people among professional employees. However, many of them have limited success in their professional careers. Some of them retire one day, and some start a business. Setting up a company can be considered a success, but it may not always be a great success. We can talk about a few steps to turn your potential into success.
The first step is to dream. Except for unusual circumstances, self-imagination is difficult you need input for imagination. Reading can inspire people to read the lives and interviews of entrepreneurs, business people, artists, and scientists. Reading is just one way of getting information. Watching a TED talk, a biographical film or a talk show helps people dream. The dream of imagination is part of the thinking process.
The second step is to decide. There are many things people can do with their lives. However, it is necessary to choose on one of the alternative dreams. If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one. If there are alternative options for your life, you should reduce the number of these options to one and focus.
In the meantime, it is better to express your dream as something not “to be” but something “to do.” You can be something as a result of doing “something big.” On the other hand, the opposite, being something, having a title doesn’t guarantee you to succeed in anything. The third step is to express your dream aloud. It would help if you told your friends and family members about your goals. They can criticize your vision and even say that you can’t reach it. These criticisms should not detract from your motivation. You can improve your dream by using negative comments instead of getting angry with the people around you. You can talk to people who do not know you. Unfamiliar people may give you more objective feedback.
Step four: Write a message about your dreams; try to make an appointment, ask for advice. Ask how you can embody your vision. Take the advice into practice. Unused information is worthless.
The fifth step, continue to your journey until you get a result. It may take years. On the way, you may need to adapt your strategy or adapt your goal, and this is normal because change is inevitable.

Mel Arat

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