The Starbucks Generation

starbucksWith the entrance of Starbucks to our lives, I can say that young people’s social life has changed. Young people are now stuck with a new social life more than coffee. The new generation has made a quick transition from McDonald’s to Starbucks. Because they use Starbucks as a social space for chatting, reading, studying, and writing. Many writers with a young spirit prefer Starbucks to write their books.Starbucks and many cafe chains have noticed that the cafes have turned into a sort of office or study room; they put power outlets everywhere in the café for phones, tablets and computers.

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The Management Lessons from the Little Red Riding Hood

little red riding hoodThe Little Red Riding Hood is an interesting material to have some inspiration on various of aspects of management.

The wolf is the protagonist of the story in my opinion. The wolf resembles of an effective manager.

First he has a clear vision: “Eat as much as you can and survive.”

He is excellent at intelligence management. While he is among the woods, he notices the woodcutters and assesses them as a potential threat, and tries to stay away from them.

When the wolf meets the little girl, he can manage his desires and postpone them. Instead of eating girl in a moment, he uses the moment to collect information. Read more The Management Lessons from the Little Red Riding Hood

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